Yo​u can change the world — one child at a time.

Morningstar PROGRAM

The Morningstar Children's Center​ exists to assist the children of the slum area near Bhodra Park, Rajshahi, Bangladesh in their education, health, and emotional well-being by providing education in a nurturing environment. Most of the children in this area spend their days roaming the streets unsupervised or collecting recyclable garbage to contribute to the family income. Many children work as domestic servants and cannot attend a regular school. Morningstar also meets monthly with parents and guardians to teach them in areas of hygiene, nutrition, and discipline. Morningstar holds classes and extra activities for 50-60 children, ages 6 to 12, six days a week. In addition to reading and writing in both Bangla and English, the children are taught math, music, art, and time is spent each week on moral values lessons like honesty, trustworthiness, how to resolve conflicts, treating each other with kindness and respect.